3rd Consecutive Weekend of Home Entertaining

The past week has been hectic, with various functions to attend with hubby, ladies meetings to go to and having people over and this weekend marks the third straight week of having friends/hubby’s peers over to the house. Sometimes, I hardly have time to sit down and think. While I am grateful to be given so much on my plate that the days seem to be flying by, I cannot help but long for those days when I had time to hang out with friends at the Pavillion after work. These days, the concept of “hanging out” seems to be obsolete!

 This week, in honour of the visitors – our menu is as follows:

  • Nasi Minyak
  • Rendang Padang
  • Ayam Goreng Rempah
  • Dalca
  • Acar Rampai

For dessert, I prepared Agar-agar Gula Melaka and Syrian Fruit Salad – Thanks to a close Syrian friend whose excellent cooking and hospitality I recently enjoyed. She added rose water to her mixture of carefully selected fruit and while my version was not as good as hers, the little cub enjoyed 4 bowls of it (no, no – not in one sitting, but yes, in one day!)

The fried chicken was particularly good. The recipe is as follows:

Spicy Fried Chicken

8 whole chicken legs. Blend the following:  3 lemon grass 8 garlic, 4 shallots, 5 tablespoons of meat curry powder (I use Baba’s brand), salt and a little sugar. Pour the marinade over the chicken legs. I score the legs so as to allow the marinade to penetrate better. I left the legs to marinate for close to 4 hours in the fridge. Then, I take it out and let it warm a little before frying.

Take my word for it. It was YUMMILICIOUS. Particularly served with piping hot Beriani and some steaming Dalca.  We have no left over chicken after the guests left 🙂


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Married to MrLeft for the past 15 years, our proudest accomplishment is our 7 year old cub. I work full time, while juggling motherhood, wifehood and with the fawn's help, run the household in between meeting deadlines. I love cooking and baking and my happiness in life is in making lists and plans and devising schedules, processes and systems to run everything efficiently and minimise chaos. I believe that all employers need to implement flexible HR policies that maximise work-life balance, and protect the family unit. A happy, balanced person will always outperform a stressed, overworked and worried person at the workplace.

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