A little some’ink, some’ink…

For my two “cik abangs” today, while one is busy at work and the other busy at school, I decided to make something special for when they get home. For my Abang sayang… thank you so much for all the effort you put in to ensure that we had a perfect reunion with my beloved elder brother and his family. Alhamdulillah, in the past 18 years together, you keep improving with age 🙂 and I pray that our journey has a long way yet to go together and we will continue to be blessed by Allah s.w.t.

For my other cik abang.. the little cub – thank you for being the wonderful son that you are. You make me proud each day and seeing you play with and look after your little cousin, indicates to me Insya Allah, that you will be a caring and wonderful man. Mama doakan anak mama sentiasa berjaya dan diberkati Allah s.w.t, serta menjadi anak yang soleh.

So.. what is the special something? Kuih Bakar or Kuih Bingka Kemboja for tea . It also helps, the fact that my sister-in-law brought the acuan with her when she came to Makkah for Umrah. Alhamdulillah, now I can finally make Kuih Bakar, jadi tak jadi saja belum tahu! Lets try this Kuih Bakar recipe and see how it turns out. I got the recipe from here

The menu for lunch today – not the most cholesterol free meal but, sekali-sekala sahaja:

Nasi Putih, Rendang Ayam, Ikan Bawal Hitam Goreng Garing, Masak Lemak Kobis, Sambal Belacan dan ulam.


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Married to MrLeft for the past 15 years, our proudest accomplishment is our 7 year old cub. I work full time, while juggling motherhood, wifehood and with the fawn's help, run the household in between meeting deadlines. I love cooking and baking and my happiness in life is in making lists and plans and devising schedules, processes and systems to run everything efficiently and minimise chaos. I believe that all employers need to implement flexible HR policies that maximise work-life balance, and protect the family unit. A happy, balanced person will always outperform a stressed, overworked and worried person at the workplace.

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